Why Parent Coaches Are Important

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Parenting is the hardest job in the world! I am not kidding! It’s also very rewarding. You deserve resources and support so that you can experience the rewards of good parenting. That’s why parent coaches are important. 

Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have. Having a parent coach helps you accomplish many things, and especially gives you more joy in parenting. Confidence and joy in parenting is what parenting coaches can give all parents. 

Parent coaches help with many things. We equip you to learn how to better tackle the moments of parenting that are difficult. We help you understand how to build confidence in your child and yourself as a parent. Coaching also helps you connect with your child on a daily basis. Parent coaches help create a calm and better connection with all family members.

Engaging In Parenting

Parents today want to be more engaged and active in their child’s upbringing. Parent coaching helps you to be in control of your actions or responses first, and then supports you in how to help your child. Parenting is messy, but working together and supporting one another is rewarding for everyone.

Ways that Parent Coaches support parents:

  • Judgment Free
  • Listening Ear
  • Understanding You
  • Offer Perspective
  • Provide Resources

Benefits of Parent Coaches:

  • Improve communication within family
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Build confidence in parenting and family
  • Provide tools to support and respond 
  • Create more joy in parenting

Empowered Parenting

By utilizing a parent coach, you’ll feel empowered and confident in your parenting. 

With parent coaches, you don’t need to solely rely on books, podcasts or expert interviews. More support is now available to you through coaches. How wonderful that you can talk to a coach, share experiences and get feedback immediately. Coaches are there to listen and support you in an ongoing process. You get daily practice in setting goals for yourself. 

Coaches give you specific techniques to:

  • Help transitions
  • Structure
  • Social skills
  • Friendship skills

No Such Thing As A Perfect Parent

In today’s fast-paced world with technology and high demands placed on you and your children, it’s even more important to have a resource, a parent coach, to support you through it. There is constant pressure for you to be a perfect parent. There is no perfect parent. Parents have tremendous pressure to act like everything is great at home. You probably feel the need to hide emotions and mistakes.

Parent coaching is a continual process of reflecting and discovering new or different ways to parent. This means being vulnerable with where you are in your parenting journey and being willing to continue to grow and get better every day. Parent coaching is making time for you, as the parent, to practice the skills you learn and be mindful of your emotions. 

Goal Setting

Woman at desk looking at laptop. Parent coaches

Parents set goals for themselves. Coaches focus on the future to help you reach your goals in supporting your child. This helps you to find more joy in parenting. 

Being a parent is such hard work and it’s so easy to feel guilt and focus on what you’re doing wrong. Having a parent coach can provide you the tools to be a better parent, feel better about parenting and find more joy in parenting. It’s about enjoying the little moments along the way. Ultimately, your family will benefit from having a parent coach. Parent coaches offer support and tools to help you as a parent.

A child’s difficult behavior is an a sign of their underlying struggle,

not a symbol or reflection of our parenting- Dr. Becky

Responding and Reacting

Parenting is so much of how we respond and react to our child versus how our child acts. Making mistakes only provides opportunity for growth. Using parent coaches helps you to minimize your negative response and help support your kids. 

Your role in your child’s development is more critical now than ever before. Your kids have experienced many things that we did not: a pandemic and the explosion of technology and the pressure of social media. 

Many parents, like you, feel overwhelmed and guilty when kids act out. It can be very frustrating. That is why having a parent coach will help support you as the parent to feel less guilt and frustration. YOU deserve to have more joy in parenting. 

Mom, Dad and teen in kitchen talking

Why Parent Coaches Are Important

By Dr. Kim Grengs, Ed.D., Parent Coach

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