What Do Kids Learn in School?

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Mental Health, Parenting with Purpose, School

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By Dr. Kim Grengs, Parent Coach

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Kids learn many things and skills in school.  Most importantly they learn how to socially interact with others. This collaborative learning ranks among the top influences in student engagement and learning.

As a result, these skills are learned in school because of the number of people kids interact with each day. Kids have many different roles with other students. These experiences provide time for kids to learn collaboratively in school.

Collaborative Learning

What do kids learn in school? They learn how to interact with other children and adults. They do this in the classroom by working with other children during reading or math time. Collaborative learning strengthens comprehension and the understanding of concepts taught.

  • Kids interacting and working in small groups.
  • Working in pairs. 
  • By learning how to communicate needs and wants in a timely manner.
  • Practice how to play.
  • Learn how to debate.
  • Collaborate with others.

Where does it take place?

Collaborative learning takes place in the classroom. In addition, it takes place during recess by kids playing games such as tag or any type of ball game. Not only, but even when students are playing on the equipment or waiting their turn to swing.  Collaborative learning takes place everywhere.

Social skills

Kids also learn how to cope with daily challenges by practicing social skills frequently with many other children and adults. School is a social experience. Interacting with others provides children with the ability to better organize their thoughts.  It also provides experiences and time to reflect on what they need to learn or do differently. 

Overall kids learn:

  • Conflict management skills
  • How to cooperate with others
  • The ability to take other’s perspective
  • How to seek, give help and support others
  • To share materials
  • To take turns
  • How to greet others
  • To understand social space
  • To wait and be patient

kids learn collaboratively in school

Collaborative learning ranks among the top influences in student engagement and learning. What do kids learn in school? Overall they learn how to apply social and emotional skills in real-world situations. Kids learn collaboratively in school.

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