Use Love Languages For Gift Giving

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Do you know your child’s love language? If not, you can use this link to find out. The Five Love Languages For Children by Gary Chapman is a great book for discovering how best to show love to your child. Once you know their love language, you can also apply that to buying gifts for them. 

book cover love languages for children

Chapman describes the five Love Languages as Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch and Gift Giving. Chapman explains that each of us has a language that is predominant in our giving and receiving love. When our loved ones understand our language and use it, we experience love more fully. We can show love more fully by knowing the Love Languages of our children. Let’s take a look at how Love Languages can help you to choose just the right gifts for your kids. 

Words of Affirmation

Those whose love language is Words of Affirmation feel loved by the things people say about them. The spoken word, written word, praise and appreciation all fill the love bucket for people in this category. Even a small comment can make a big difference. These messages communicate your love to your child. Here are some gift ideas for kids that show love through Words of Affirmation. 

A personalized name poster, plaque or book make good gifts. There are many options to choose from. Hanging a poster in your child’s room that lists the positive characteristics of their name communicates pride and love. And a book that is personalized with the child’s name can melt the heart of a young reader. 

Sophia name canvas

Journaling is popular for all ages. Parents can connect with their kids using a conversational journal. This is a journal that both the parent and the child use to record their thoughts. They can ask questions and share fun stories with one another in a unique way. This type of journal is also a fabulous keepsake. 

Mother Son Back and Forth Journal

Like Mother, Like Daughter 

Affirming your child during the school day can be challenging. Many parents find ways to connect by placing notes in their child’s backpack or lunch box. Here is a link to get you started. This downloadable pdf will give you 20 days worth of notes to use. Once you get started it’ll be easy to keep it going. 

Another option is this children’s game, Kids On Stage. It is a charades game for kids. Because words are so important to those whose love language is Words of Affirmation, playing a game using words connects well with their language. 

Acts Of Service

The Love Language Acts of Service is expressed by doing things for your loved one that serves them. You give of your time and energy to do something that is just for them. You may say, “I am always doing Acts of Service for my kids, how can I do more???” Parenting is definitely an Act of Service. But if your child’s Love Language is Acts of Service, they show love through serving others also. Here are some gift ideas for the Acts of Service child in your home. 

Does your child love animals? Perhaps they would enjoy volunteering at an animal shelter. As a gift, you can accompany them to the shelter and even find out how they might regularly volunteer. A more concrete gift idea is The Doc McStuffins Pet Rescue Mobile

Volunteering is a natural for Acts of Service people. If animals aren’t their thing, how about raising money for a cause or visiting the elderly? Many kids do good things for their community by setting up Lemonade stands, or selling homemade items and donating the profit. Perhaps you plan a birthday party where guest bring items to donate to the needy. 

Another creative gift is to give homemade gift cards. Create a card that offers to prepare their favorite meal or do a chore for them. Random Acts of Kindness are perfect ways to show love to your child. Create a list with your child and challenge one another to outdo each other in kindness. 

Quality Time

If your child’s Love Language is Quality Time, they need lots of time with you. One on One time and quality family time fill their love bucket. Spending undistracted time doing things with them communicates your love unconditionally. Fortunately, it is easy to find gifts to fit Quality Time. Here are some suggestions.

Take a class together! Your child would love it if the two of you learned something new together. You can find community ed classes for many different topics. Some options include classes about photography or curling. How about taking Cooking Classes? There are so many choices. 

“Experience” gifts are great for Quality Time. Going to the movies, a museum or just out for ice cream means a lot to your child. The Adventure Challenge for Families is a gift that your Quality Time child would love. It is a book with new family activity challenges on each page. The family commits to the adventure before revealing what it is by scratching off the covering. The format makes it exciting and challenging. 

Geocaching is another great way to gift your Quality Time kid. It is like a world wide treasure hunt. You and your child search for hidden caches in your neighborhood, or during your travels while on vacation. Careful, it can become addicting. 

Some simpler ideas for Quality Time are puzzles you complete together, board games for adults and kids, card games and movie night. 

Physical Touch

This Love Language is pretty easy to understand. Your child loves to receive hugs, kisses, a pat on the back and sitting close together while watching TV. Your physical presence communicates love and security. So how do you find a gift that fits the language of Physical Touch. Here are a few ideas. 

A stuffed animal is perfect for your Physical Touch child. There are even websites where you can get an animal made out of clothing that a loved one has worn. The scent and sight of a loved ones clothes adds to the effect of Physical Touch. 

Sensory toys are a good gift for your child. Items like fidgets, weighted blankets, fingerpaints and bean bag chairs. Other ideas include a fuzzy robe, comfy slippers or a plush sweater. 

Twangled game cover box

There are also games that Physical Touch kids would enjoy. Twister and Twangled are good games that promote fun physicality. Outdoor games like basketball and football also work. There are even fun cooperative games, like 3 legged races, that involve physical touch. 

Of course books are a great gift for physical touch kids. When your child is young, you can snuggle and read to them, but as your child grows it is still possible to read aloud. Sit close together and read to your older elementary aged kids. They will love it. Even a pre-teen or teen may enjoy sitting by you and reading a funny story from the newspaper or online. 

Gift Giving

If your child’s Love Language is Gift Giving, you will have no trouble showing your love by giving them a gift. But it is also challenging to give them something that really hits the mark. Gift givers may set a high bar for gifts because they are good at giving. Here are a few ideas.

Something personalized always makes a gift special. You can purchase personalized cookies, books and jewelry. Your Gift Giving child will also enjoy any homemade gift you give them. They recognize the special effort put into this gift. 

Sock Subscription boxes

Another great idea for Gift Givers are the subscription gifts that are popular these days. You can purchase a toy subscription, a socks subscription or a magazine subscription. The Young Chefs Club is a cooking subscription where your child gets new recipes each month. The great thing about these gifts is your child is reminded each month about your gift of love. 

Gift Givers are especially aware of gifts that have been well thought out. Does your child have a favorite meal, movie, book, or sport? Do they love to go shopping? Give them something that compliments that interest and include your time as part of the gift. This will fill their love bucket.

Love Languages provide lots of ways for you to give gifts that are meaningful and really communicate your love for your child. Take some time to discover your child’s language and use it to become a champion parent.  

Use Love Languages For Gift Giving

by Lisa Reichelt, Ed.M., Parent Coach

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