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3 Steps to Stop Fighting With Your Teen

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Here’s What our clients have to say

This is such fantastic and much needed “medicine,” thank you!

Katy R

I started working with Lisa earlier this month, and it’s been an amazing experience. My husband enjoys it even more than I do! I didn’t anticipate that at all. What a gift!

M. M.

Ryan and I are implementing everything we talked about and it feels so good. ❤️❤️❤️


We sought out Lisa R. at Champion Your Parenting after having met her at a women’s event. Navigating parenthood in the teen years and staying connected to our kids as we learn to “let them go” was at the top of our hearts as we sought her coaching. Lisa’s knowledge, discernment and advice was so insightful. She gave us the tools we never knew we needed and supported us in strengthening the bonds with our kids. I one-hundred percent recommend Champion Your Parenting to parents with kids of ALL ages. My only regret is not having someone like her in our corner sooner to help us.


Lisa has been an invaluable source of support in my journey to mend a strained relationship with my daughter. Her guidance and encouragement have led to healing conversations, allowing us to discuss the path forward rather than dwelling on the past. Through her help, I’ve become a better listener, and I’ve stopped the constant urge to defend myself. As a result, I’ve found a sense of peace, and our relationship is flourishing in a profoundly healthy manner.


As a mother of teenagers, I have found Lisa’s words of wisdom to consistently resonate with me. I am always eager to discover new ways to connect with and support my children, particularly as they navigate their transition into young adulthood. Prior to embarking on a 15-day European girls trip, I had the opportunity to have a coaching call with Lisa. Her insights were so impactful that I felt like I had brought her along on the journey with me.


Meet your go-to Parent Coaches extraordinaire!

Our passion is strong for helping parents discover the secret sauce to support their kids’ success in life. 

Hi, I’m Lisa Edwards, parent of two incredible teens. For over 20 years, I’ve been fully immersed in the world of education, wearing different hats as a teacher, principal, and district administrator. Alongside my practical experience, I’ve earned advanced degrees in education and leadership, soaking up knowledge that blends real-world insights with academic understanding.

My journey has taught me that the lessons learned in education are incredibly versatile, especially when it comes to helping parents facing tough challenges. I’ve had the privilege of working closely with many families dealing with issues like children’s behavior, special needs, and navigating relationships.

Growing up, I had an amazing bond with my mom that I’ve tried to replicate with my own family. That experience inspired me to support other parents in fostering strong family connections. 

Lisas on couch

Hi, I’m Lisa Reichelt, parent of 5 and grandparent to 10 adorable kids. For over 30 years, I’ve been active in education and supporting families.

It all started when I became a passionate teacher, spending 12 years in the classroom. While juggling five kids and working full-time, I pursued advanced degrees in education and leadership. Eventually, I became a principal, leading to more rewarding years of working with families. During that time I mentored couples just starting out building their families and counseled many parents.

Seeing kids struggle in school and with relationships, while their parents lacked support, sparked an idea. Let’s help these parents! “Champion Your Parenting” was born. I believe supporting parents directly helps their kids thrive. My experience and knowledge became a bridge to help families navigate the challenges of raising children.