“Talk Up School” … What Does That Mean?

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School is here!

By Dr. Kim Grengs

What does it mean to talk up school? All parents want their child’s experience at school to be a positive one. How do you make that happen?  One way is to talk up school- make sure your child is ready to enter school with the tools and skills to have a positive attitude. Talk Up School from the beginning all the way to the end, college.

Talk Up School

Talking up school involves promoting social, emotional, physical and providing the experiences for success in school.  Help your child be ready to:

  • Transition from home to the school bus or school.
  • Walk into the classroom alone.
  • Listen to the directions from the teacher or adult.
  • Ask questions if unsure.
  • Self-help skills

Talk to your child about school early in their life. One way to do that is to drive by the school or visit the playground.  Talk about what school is like and what opportunities they will have at school. 

One example may be the many friends they will meet at school. They will have opportunities to be part of a team. They will have options like singing, drawing, painting, experiencing different activities, like patrol and more.

Parent Partnerships

Parent Partnerships with the teacher and other staff are important for everyone. The goal for everyone is for each child to be successful. In order for that to happen their needs to be a partnership. How does that happen? Here are some ways to make it successful.

  1. Know your child’s teachers name and contact information.
  2. Share your child’s interest.
  3. Share your child’s strengths and areas to work on.
  4. Ask about how you can support your child in school.
  5. Ask about how you can support your child at home.
  6. Let the teacher know that you want to be involved and support your child.
  7. Attend parent teacher meetings.
  8. Become involved in the PTO.

from home to school

  • Purchase a backpack.
  • If the list specifically says to-label the items on the supply list.
  • Label one of the folders with take home.
  • Label another folder with return to school.
  • Explain to your child how the folders will work.
  • Create a place where your child will do homework at home.
  • Know their bus number for getting to school and for going home.
  • Write their bus number somewhere on their backpack tag.
  • Make sure your child knows whether they are having hot or cold lunch.
  • Help them to memorize their pin number for lunch.
  • Check the school’s website for news or updates.
  • Create a calendar for school so you can add items to it.
  • Know the dates that there is not school during the year.
  • What is the procedure for dropping your child off and picking up.

Finally, communicating with your child’s teacher is most important. The more effort you put into knowing the procedures and people at school, the more prepared your child will be for school.

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