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Stop The Spin:

Soothe Your Child's Anxiety in Four Weeks

A course for parents who are ready to stop watching their anxious child struggle and are tired of feeling helpless to ease their teen or child's fears and anxiety. 

This program offers you an easy approach for helping your child. In just four short weeks you'll...

  • See your child become more capable to handle stress and big emotions.
  • Start to recognize the triggers for your teen or child’s anxiety.
  • Learn coping skills to help ease anxiety.
  • Help them improve their ability to manage their thoughts, feelings and relationships.
  • Get the joy back in parenting!
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Yes, I need this course! 

Is this right for you?

YES! This course is perfect if you struggle with any of these.

  • You're tired of feeling helpless?
  • Your teen or child seems to worry all the time?
  • You want to find ways to ease their anxiety and control their stress?

This course is a good fit for you if ~

You want your teen or child to:

  • Be more confident
  • Know they have unlimited potential
  • Handle chaotic situations
  • Control their emotions when they are triggered
  • Stay calm and not get overwhelmed

You'll be amazed with your child's ability

to cope and manage their anxiety.

Your child will feel calmer and more in control of their anxiety.

You'll feel a stronger connection to your child.

You'll find ways to handle tough situations.

You'll find the joy in parenting again!

Yes, I'm In!

Stop The Spin: Soothe Your Child's Anxiety in Four Weeks

Anxiety and fear can be debilitating for kids and teens, but there is hope! We’ve put together a this four week course that will help your child (and you) feel more confident and less stressed.

  • New videos and resources each week
  • Access to Members Only Facebook group
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching sessions
  • 3 Bonus Modules: Talking to Friends and Family About Your Child's Anxiety, Regaining a Right Relationship with Your Teen, Partnering With School.


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VIP Package

COURSE + Coaching

THREE - 50 minute One-on-One Coaching sessions (A $600 value for only $150 additional) combined with the course.

Sign up today! A limited number of VIP clients will be accepted. This bonus offering is only available until the cart closes on Sept. 29th.

Stop the Spin Course & Bonuses PLUS

  • Private Zoom coaching sessions
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly schedules available
  • Ability to accommodate your schedule

$347 Limited to first 30 Clients

(offer ends Sept. 29)

Who is Champion Your Parenting?

Lisa, Kim and Lisa have been working with families for over 35 years through our experiences as educators and parent coaches.

We have helped hundreds of parents find ways to calm an anxious child, get their teens to start talking to them, and to partner with schools when they kids need support.

Each one of us is a mom of at least one child who struggles with anxiety. Because of the strategies we have implemented, we were able to help our children cope with their anxiety and lead successful lives.

We have put all of our strategies together in this course for you so don't have to feel alone or helpless and instead can feel confident and enjoy your family.

"Think “life coaching” for parents. Sometimes, if we can just learn to change the way we approach our kiddos it can be so helpful."

- Jocelyn (Apple Valley, MN)

"Lisa gave us the tools we never knew we needed and supported us in strengthening the bonds with our kids. My only regret is not having someone like her in our corner sooner to help us."

- Holly (Farmington, MN)

What to Expect Each Week?

You'll get 3 videos on the theme each week focusing on Kids, Connections with your child, and Parents. You'll also receive amazing resources to download or print to use with your child.


Week 1 - See

  • Learn how to "see" the anxiety
  • Various trackers to measure anxiety
  • How to build a solid relationship with your child
  • Reflection on your own parent anxiety


Week 2 - Prepare

  • Book list for talking about emotions
  • Find strengths of your child
  • 5 days of exploring emotions for teens & adults
  • Emotion Cards


Week 3 - Implement

  • Toolbox of strategies for anxiety, stress & worry
  • Parent responses during a meltdown
  • Develop confidence with growth mindset
  • Relaxation journal


Week 4 - Next Steps

  • Teen workbook for stress, anxiety & depression
  • Where to seek more help
  • Building relationships with teens
  • Find your joy in parenting

Wait...there's more???

You also get these amazing bonuses!

Talking with grandparent

Talking To Your Family and Friends About Your Child

Ever wonder how to talk to the grandparents about the needs of your child? Or other friends and family? This bonus gives you simple steps to help family and friends understand your child.

mom and teenage son

Build a Relationship With Your Teen

Do you feel disconnected from your teen? It is time to build a strong relationship with them. This bonus is filled with easy to implement ways to grow a solid connection with your teen.

Girl at desk

Partner with

the School

Learn ways to work with your child's school so that they are supported at home and at school. They spend most of their day at school and can face many difficult situations. Don't let them struggle anymore.

And there's still more!

Members-Only Facebook Group Coaching!

That's right! As a member of the private Facebook group you'll be able to attend weekly group coaching sessions. (a $300 value)

All members can ask questions and make comments as we move through the 4 weeks of soothing your child's anxiety. Group members also support one another during the week on line. We're in this together!

ACT NOW: Enrollment limited to the first 30 clients.

Plus, you can also get our special

"VIP Package!"

"VIP Package" includes THREE - 50 minute One-on-One Coaching sessions (A $600 value for only $150 additional) AND The Stop the Spin: Soothe Your Child's Anxiety in Four Weeks course. All for only $347! (a $2000 value)

This bonus offering is only available until the cart closes on Sept. 29th.

Not only do you get all the benefits of the full 4 weeks of videos, downloads, bonuses, group coaching, but you'll also get One-on-One sessions with our talented Parent Coaches.

Your zoom sessions will be scheduled around your busy family life. Our coaches take time to help you address the specific needs of your anxious child. All conversations are completely confidential.

Start today, to access Parent Coaching for the health of your whole family.

I need this now!

Stop The Spin: Soothe Your Child's Anxiety in Four Weeks

Act now - cart closes on September 29th!


VIP Package

Limited to first 30 Clients

(Includes all course components plus 3 private coaching sessions)


(offer ends Sept. 29)

Money Back Guarantee

Try out our course for 14 days. If you implement the strategies and put in the time to change your family's situation, but are unsatisfied with our course, we'll happily refund your purchase. We are confident that you'll love Stop The Spin!


I'm feeling overwhelmed. Are you sure I can do this?

Yes! We have designed this for busy parents who are feeling overwhelmed. The information is delivered in bit size pieces so you can easily implement the strategies right away. We have built in support along the way such as group coaching and a Facebook community just for you!

Is this for little kids or teenagers?

It is for both! Kids mature at different ages, so there are strategies designed for multiple ages, along with teen specific information.

Do I get everything all at once?

New information is delivered every week for 4 weeks. This gives you time to take in the information and implement strategies before the next phase.

How long will it take me each week?

Every week will have 3-4 videos that are approximately 5-10 minutes each. These can be watched all at once, or over a few days. Total, you will spend about 30 minutes - 1 hour digesting the information. You can put the information into action immediately and that time will vary based on your family.

What does group coaching look like?

Group coaching sessions will take place over Zoom one time a week for four weeks, and replays will be posted. During the session you can choose how much you would like to participate, or just observe. You will be able to submit questions ahead of time via an anonymous form.

How long will I have access to the material?

You will have lifetime access to the information, as well as any updates that are provided in the future.

Still have a question?

Contact us at

Stop The Spin: Soothe Your Child's Anxiety in Four Weeks

Get it now! Cart closes on September 29th.


VIP Package

Limited to first 30 Clients

(Includes all course components plus 3 private coaching sessions)


(offer ends Sept. 29)

You got this!

When you have a plan to help your child, you feel a sense of relief and it feels exciting. But scary too! That is where we come in - to support you each week.

Each of us has dealt with anxious kids professionally and personally, so you are not alone. You got this, and you can make a difference in your child's life...starting today!

Lisa, Kim & Lisa

Stop The Spin: Soothe Your Child's Anxiety in Four Weeks

Sign up before September 29th!


VIP Package

Limited to first 30 Clients

(Includes all course components plus 3 private coaching sessions)


(offer ends Sept. 29)


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