Parent Self Care At Back To School Time

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Family, Tips

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(Letter from an older sister) 

Hi Angie, 

woman at desk writing letter, looking at camera - parent self care

How are you doing with getting the kids ready for back to school? Are you just so tired of it all? Yep, getting all of our kids ready for a new school year is a big job. I bet everyone’s excited, nervous and maybe even worried about school. I know I’m worried about how the kids will adjust this year. 

But are you taking care of yourself too? I know it seems selfish, or self indulgent, to do self care when everyone else needs your help. But don’t let that stop you. Changing your family routine from summer to school time isn’t easy. I’m here to tell you that parent self care is important! 

Do you remember when we were kids? Mom was teaching and she got all us kids ready for the school year while she was prepping for her own job. How’d she do that?! Did you know that she and Dad always took a weekend away right after school started? Yep, that was Mom’s way of doing self care. As I get older I realize Mom was right about a lot of things. 

So what are you going to do for parent self care this fall? 

I was thinking of different things that help me to feel better after being stressed out. Maybe you’ll like some of my ideas. I’d love to take a weekend away, but that’s not in the cards for us this year. I’ll have to think of something else. 

I love getting a massage! I’m going to schedule one for the first week of school. Probably on Friday afternoon. Then I’ll be relaxed for the weekend. Over the weekend we’re going to watch some videos that really make us laugh. Did you know that laughter is a great stress reliever? We watch youtube videos like, America’s Funniest Home Video, then sometimes we find a comedy movie to watch. A good Will Ferrell movie is a sure bet. 

Maybe I’ll check out a movie at the theater. You know how I love to go to a movie all by myself. It’s almost as relaxing as a bubble bath! Hey, that might be a great night of self care, a movie and a bubble bath. Followed up with a bowl of my all time favorite ice cream. What’s your favorite treat? Do you remember that Mom used to treat herself to pickled herring when she finished ironing Dad’s shirts? Hahaha, no pickled herring for me! 

woman ironing

I was talking with some friends yesterday and one of them said they were going to take up a hobby now that the kids are back in school. What a great idea! She used to do a lot of painting, especially water color. I’ve seen some of her work and it’s lovely. She feels bad that she quit making time for painting, so now she is doing her self care by re-starting her favorite hobby. 

Didn’t you use to do a lot of scrapbooking? Maybe now’s the time to get at it again. 

You know some people just don’t get it. Self care is so important. You really can’t give to your family when you feel so tired and worn out. Self care helps you to be healthy and happy. You are a much better Mom when you are happy and feeling fulfilled. 

So I’m going to throw out a challenge for us. Let’s make a pact to do one thing EVERY DAY that improves our mental or physical health, ok? Let me know what you think. 

Well sis, I better get back to checking the school supply lists then I’ll write down my self care ideas

Love you, hug the kids for me! 


Parent Self Care At Back To School Time

by Lisa Reichelt, M.Ed., Parent Coach

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