Need Parenting Help? Online Courses Are An Easy Solution

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Could you use some help with your parenting? It isn’t easy, and everyone needs parenting help at some point. But when you need help, it is hard to know where to turn. More and more parents are looking to online courses for answers to their parenting questions. 

Parents need help. That’s just a fact of life. Dr. Spock became famous for publishing his book titled Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care. It came out in the 1940’s and sold 500,000 copies in 6 months! That proves that parents have always needed a place to get their questions answered and learn how to become better parents. 

In today’s world your options for parenting help are much broader than just a book. You can take a community ed class, listen to a podcast, check out videos, follow parenting blogs OR read books. But another, highly valuable, resource for you is an Online Parenting Course.

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Why Online Parent Courses?

Online courses offer you variety, flexibility and a choice of experts. Family life is busy, so you must be able to access help day or night. Attending a community ed class may not fit your schedule. Reading a book takes a lot of time. Family and friends may not be helpful resources. So finding an online course that teaches the skills you need right now, is much more user friendly. 

Variety Of Online Courses

Online courses stand out because they address individual issues head-on. Having difficulty with your child sleeping well? Look for a course on Children’s Sleep Habits. Is the issue your teen’s disrespectful behavior? You can find a course that covers that topic. 

And you may find that some of the courses offered can prepare you for the next step of parenting. Perhaps you have teenagers. Wouldn’t it be helpful to take a course about helping them transition to college or technical school? Are you thinking of buying your young child a cell phone? There’s an online course to help you navigate the pros and cons of kids and phones

Whatever topic you need to learn about, there’s probably an online course for you. That’s the beauty of online learning. 

Flexibility Of Online Courses

One of the main ways online courses provide flexibility is because you learn the parenting skills at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. What could be more convenient than that! Video lessons are user friendly. You can change the speed of the video to fit your learning style. And it’s easy to stop the video, rewind and listen to information again. It really maximizes your learning. 

Also, online courses are great for sharing knowledge and new skills with your partner. It’s important for couples to collaborate on their parenting. With online learning you hear the same message and work together to practice the new skills. This additional support really helps you apply your learning right away. 

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As you learn to use the tips and strategies shared in the course, you may find a need to go back and review. If you took an in-person course, your only option would be to look over your notes. But with online learning, you can go right back to the videos and review accurately. The flexibility of online learning makes these courses a great choice when you need parenting help.

Choosing A Parenting Expert

Another great feature of online course learning is that you can choose which parenting expert  to watch. It’s easy to shop around to find a parenting expert who fits your style. Social media, podcasts, websites and books are all ways that you can seek out parenting experts and find which person connects with you. 

Sign up for their newsletter, read their articles, listen to their videos. These are all ways to get to know the parent expert so that you can accept their advice. 

Friends and family may also have good recommendations. It’s wise to shop around and find someone you can get to know, like and trust. If you do, you’ll be more successful in using the strategies and advice that are being offered in the online course. 

Myths About Online Parenting Courses

There are some naysayers out there who think taking a parenting course is a sign of weakness or failure. BUT that is far from the truth! Nobody knows everything about parenting. It is a wise parent who understands when they are in over their head. And it is a wise parent who looks for expert advice. So let’s look at those myths:

  • If I need a parenting course, I must be a “bad” parent.
    • You’re not a bad parent for needing help. You’d be a bad parent if you know how to get help and chose to ignore it. 
  • I don’t know anyone who has taken a parenting course. Are they really “a thing?”
    • Yes, parenting courses are a popular way to learn new skills. 
  • It seems weird to buy a course for parenting. Shouldn’t I just know how to do it? 
    • This is a common belief, but NO, parenting isn’t something that comes naturally just because you have a child.  
  • I don’t have the time. 
    • Parenting courses can really save you time. When your life runs smoother you’ll have more time for the fun things in life. 
  • I don’t have the money.
    • This could be about choices. Families choose to spend money on music lessons, pet training, a personal fitness trainer…. Why not prioritize money for better parenting. The time is now, your kids aren’t getting any younger. 
  • How do I know if they are really going to help my problem?
    • Do some good research and find an expert you can connect with and who has courses for your topic. Check to see what kind of follow up support is included in the course. 

What Do Online Courses Include?

Online Parenting Course differ in topic and in scope. Some courses focus on a particular parenting issue and give in depth strategies to help parents resolve their issue. Other courses are broader. They cover issues that impact your children’s growth and development for longer periods of time. 

Shorter, more focused courses usually include 1-3 video segments, and downloadable support materials. They typically can be completed in 1 or 2 sessions. The longer courses may last for a number of weeks and offer weekly videos with support materials. These courses encourage you to practice the skills you learn during the week. 

The longer courses often include a live component where you can interact with the parent expert. This helps you better understand the strategies and increases your chance for success. 

The type of course you choose really depends on the issues you are facing. And sometimes parents can get so overwhelmed they aren’t even sure which issue is the most pressing. 

If this sounds like you, then talking with a Parent Coach may help sort things out. We offer a Free 30 Minute Coaching Session that’s perfect for you. There’s no obligation! You can sign up by clicking the link below.

Need Parenting Help? Online Courses Are An Easy Solution

By Lisa Reichelt M.Ed., Parent Coach


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