7 Multi-Generational Fun Family Activities

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Fun Family Activities

Finding fun family activities for everyone is challenging. Your family may be like mine where the ages range from a one-year-old to a 66-year-old. When we are together, we want to include everyone in our fun activities so that good memories are made and relationships grow. I have fond memories of playing card games with my grandparents, but there are many more options and ideas for fun family time. Family activities can include things that are physically active, like Relay Races, or more sedentary, like Family Dinner Book Club. Whichever you choose we’re sure you and your whole family will enjoy these fun family activities.

toy dinosaur in flower bed, text overlay-fun for whole family, build a fantasy garden

1. Dinosaur Garden

Are your children dinosaur lovers? Are there dinosaur figurines everywhere? Whether it is a T-Rex or Stegosaurus, all kids seem to have a favorite dinosaur. This family activity provides hours of fun for the kids and adults. Starting with planning the garden all the way through to completing construction, the whole family works together. The completed garden can even transform to a fairy garden, jungle or Star Wars planet. The possibilities are endless.

Dinosaur Garden Link

2. Relay Races

girl with cup and ball on her head, fun family activities

Relay races were one of my favorite activities as a child. Did you know that they are also a fun family activity for home? Relay races are easy to set up and all ages can participate. This Ball Head Challenge activity includes problem solving skills and creativity. Family members create their own contraption to hold the ball securely on their heads while they race. If you don’t have a big group, race against the clock and try to beat your best time. Don’t forget to take pictures; you will want to remember this day.

Ball Head Relay Race Link

3. Family Dinner Book Club

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Reading is a multi-generational activity so why not host a Family Dinner Book Club? Our family loves to read so this is a perfect idea for fun family time for us. The book club is set up by the Growing Book By Book community, but you could create your own by using their format. Included in the Book Club is a book themed menu, activities and even service projects. This fun family activity will create memories to last a lifetime!

Family Dinner Book Club

4. Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Contests across generations is a lot of fun. Last year we had a water balloon fight with ages 4-65! Another fun option is a Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest. This activity is easy to set up and needs very little preparation. You can play this at a park or in your own back yard. The most challenging part of this family activity is finding a watermelon with seeds! This Seed Spitting Contest uses sidewalk chalk to create picture targets for the seeds. Everyone can join the fun, from making the targets to tracking each other’s scores.

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest Link

5. Donate Toys (and other household treasures)

Legos, fun family activity

Fun family activities also include life lessons. Have you ever thought about making a family project out of donating to a local charity? A great way to teach your children generosity is to have the whole family choose items to donate. Your children can sort through their toys and find gently used items to offer to kids in need. Gather your items and take a family outing to the donation center. This link gives ideas on where to donate and how to make this a meaningful experience for everyone.

Donate Toys Link

6. Marshmallow Shooters

pvc pipe marshmallow shooter

What child, big or small, doesn’t enjoy shooting things through the air? These Marshmallow Shooters are easy to make, inexpensive and create lots of fun. Your group can invent your own family activity using the shooters or try one of the suggested games on the post. There are ideas for hitting targets, shooting long distances and playing tag. This game is something everyone can enjoy.

Marshmallow Shooters Link

7. Yes Day Activity

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“Yes Day” is a book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and a movie, starring Jennifer Garner. If you never heard of it, check it out. Kids think this is a great idea and when the adults in the family participate it can really take off. “Yes Day” means that for the whole day the kids are not told “no” to any of their requests. Obviously, there will need to be some ground rules. But after those are established, bring on the fun. If you are doing this with a multi-generational group then everyone gets to hear “yes” to their ideas for the day. Maybe Grandma wants to teach the kids a game from her youth, the kids need to say “yes”. Yes Day has become a yearly tradition for many families and it might become one of yours as well.

“Yes Day” Link

Whether it is summer vacation, a holiday visit or just hanging with the family, these fun family activities will keep everyone happy. Pick your favorite and start a new family tradition this year.

by Lisa Reichelt, M.Ed., Parent Coach

7 Multi-Generational fun family activities

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