Kindness For The Holidays

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Family, School, Tips

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The Holidays are here!

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A little gratitude goes a long way. As parents, we are always looking for ways to teach our children how to be kind to one another. Along with modeling it ourselves. The holiday season is a perfect time to start or continue teaching kindness.

The best way for children to appreciate their good fortune, is to have experiences of others who do not have the benefits they have. When a person performs a Random Act of Kindness, most often the person that receives it will pay it forward.  


How do we teach children the importance and intrinsic feeling of helping others?  Three key actions help them understand it:

1. Let them see it.

2. Expect nothing in return. 

3. Make it a regular and frequent event. 

Learning to be grateful is a life skill that contributes to long-term happiness.


An example of this is giving of our talents. One way of giving is taking the time to make or create a gift for someone. As a result, it will be special to both that person and the person making the gift. Here are some things to do:

  • Design a holiday card with phrases of kindness for someone special or a neighbor.
  • Bake treats together and give to your local police department or fire department.
  • Make kindness coupons offering your time to help a family member or neighbor.  Like cleaning, shoveling, walking the dog, etc.
  • Make an ornament for someone special to put on their tree.
  • Write a letter to someone special and mail it!


With your family, create a calendar each month where each day you are giving something back. On one of the days it might be a phone call to grandma. On another day you might be donating coloring books and crayons to a shelter. 

If it is scheduled throughout the month and written down for the family to see it will remind everyone of what their responsibility is for the month. In return, your family will feel good about themselves.  Choose or create a calendar that fits your family.

Share what your family has done to show kindness during the holiday season in our Facebook Group, or the Comments below.

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Happy Holidays!

Kindness For The Holidays

By Dr. Kim Grengs, Parent Coach

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