How To Find Quality Time With Teens

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Activities, Family, Tips

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What exactly is “quality time with teens?” Is it having deep conversations together? Or listening to them share their hopes and dreams? 

Yes, those are quality times, but there’s really so much more to quality time together.

Think of your closest relationships. Sometimes, quality time with a good friend includes just being quiet together. It includes doing “everyday” activities beside one another. If you want quality time with teens, you need to grab every opportunity to make it happen. And that can mean looking for times in the simplest routines of daily life.

Here are two things to keep in mind for finding quality time together. ONE – show interest in their stuff; video games, sports, movies, music, social media…. And number TWO – be present! That means you can’t be distracted by your phone, your work, or your tasks. 

Seems easy, right? Give it a try and see if you can find more quality time with your teens. 

If you are struggling to connect with your teens, then we can help! Our coaches are available to support you as you navigate the tough teen age years. Reach out today to see how we can help you become the CHAMPION parent you were meant to be! You got this! 

Finding Quality Time With Teens

By Lisa Reichelt, M.Ed., Parent Coach


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