Getting Your Teens Involved During Summer

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Family, Tips

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Summer is a great time for teenagers to get involved in new activities and develop new skills.  Whether they are looking to explore their passions or build their resumes, there are plenty of opportunities for teens to stay busy and engaged during the summer months. Here are 5 ideas for getting your teens involved this summer.

1. Encourage your teen to volunteer

Volunteering is a great way for teens to give back to their community, build new skills, and gain valuable work experience. There are many organizations that are always looking for volunteers, such as food banks, animal shelters, and community centers. Encourage your teens to find a cause they are passionate about and get involved.

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2. Help them find a summer job

A summer job can teach teens valuable skills such as time management, customer service, and responsibility. Many businesses, especially those in the hospitality and retail industries, are looking for seasonal help during the summer months. Help your teen research job opportunities in their area and guide them through the application and interview process.

3. Sign them up for summer camps or classes

Summer camps and classes are a great way for teens to explore their interests and develop new skills. From sports camps to music lessons to coding classes, there is something for everyone. Research camps and classes in your area and help your teen select ones that align with their interests.

4. Encourage them to join a sports team or club.

Joining a sports team or club can help teens stay active, build teamwork skills, and make new friends. Encourage your teen to join a local sports team or club that aligns with their interests.

5. Plan a family vacation

A family vacation can be a great way to bond with your teens and create lasting memories.  Involve  your teens in the planning process and let them help choose the destination and activities. This can also be a great opportunity for your teens to learn about different cultures and ways of life.

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In conclusion, getting your teens involved in the summer can be a great way for them to stay busy, learn new skills and explore their passions. Whether its volunteering, finding a summer job,  signing up for camps or classes, joining a sports team or club, or planning a family vacation, there are plenty of opportunities for your teens to have a fun and productive summer.

Getting Your Teens Involved During Summer

By Lisa Edwards, M. Ed., Parent Coach


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