Friends & Your Anxious Child

How To Make & Keep Friends

Worried your child doesn’t have any friends? 

Or do they struggle with friendships?

What if you could just snap your fingers and your child would have close friends and an active social life?

Okay, maybe not that fast, but with this FREE guide you’ll be on your way to seeing your child build good friendships and be confident in social settings. 

Anxiety causes kids to be excessively self-conscious, feel awkward and to avoid social situations. Your child sees themself as not able to make and keep friends. Their perception is their reality! Help them change that and build their confidence.

You’ll find three main topics for building your child’s skills: Making Friends, Getting Along With Friends, and Keeping Friends. Choose the items that best fit your child and watch their social confidence grow. Kids of all ages can learn the skills to better friendships. 

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