Do You Know Your Parenting Strengths?

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Do you know what your strengths are in parenting? Identifying your strengths will help you to understand yourself better and learn how to be a better parent. Knowing your strengths helps you to better interact with your children. It also helps you understand why you are doing or acting in a certain way in specific situations. You won’t have all of these as your parenting strengths, but you can always strive for that. 

Some of the strengths in parenting are:

  • Having patience
  • Showing compassion
  • Having a routine
  • Showing gratitude
  • Showing problem solving skills
  • Providing a sense of security
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Patience is definitely needed when it comes to parenting. When you are calm handling difficult situations with your child you are enhancing your relationship with them. Being patient will help your child to build trust in you and they will open up to you more frequently. It also shows them that you support them no matter what. It also builds self-confidence in your child and helps them to be patient in difficult situations.

By being patient you also find more joy in parenting because you are focusing on your child’s positive behavior versus the negative behavior. It’s best to acknowledge the behavior you observe, say it aloud, then reassure your child that you always love them no matter what. This will also let them know that whenever they need you, you won’t let them down.


When you treat others in a kind manner you are being a role model for your child. Kindness shows that you are taking in another person’s perspective and most likely showing empathy. This character trait shows that you value others and their differences. It takes effort to be patient and show kindness.

Focusing on the needs of others by showing compassion teaches your child to serve others and the importance of helping others. 


Most human beings thrive on a routine. People like to know what’s coming up or going to happen next. By having a routine you are providing structure for your child. This teaches them boundaries and the importance of being organized and respecting others. It also creates a sense of safety for your child’s emotional well-being. This will help your child develop trust in knowing what’s next in life. 

Mom and teen son laughing as they sit at a counter.


Being grateful for what you have helps you to focus on what’s important in life. It makes you a happier person.  By expressing how grateful you are to have your child in your life they learn to appreciate all the little things in life. It creates a sense of calm for your child and your family. Also, it will help to eliminate some of the power struggles that come with childhood. 


Another parent strength is guiding your child in problem solving. This starts as young as when they are starting to crawl. By giving them options and letting them choose their way (with your support when younger) it will give them the tools to be confident in solving their own problems. It also helps them to feel a sense of trust in their abilities. More importantly when you give them that responsibility they feel that you have trust in them to make the best decision. They become more proactive and self-motivated. 


To provide your child with a sense of security and build on your strengths, try these things:

  • Be affectionate towards them
  • Acknowledge their feelings
  • Communicate with them without judging them
  • Set boundaries
  • Give them your undivided attention (no phone)
  • Let them know you will be there for them always
  • Be dependable
  • Allow them to make mistakes
Woman with arm at right angle showing her muscle.

One way to begin to identify your strengths as a parent is to keep a journal. Choose a time during the day to reflect on what happened with your kids that day. Use the six strengths listed and go through each one. Write down some things you did for each one. There may be some that you have a lot to write about and others where you have nothing. That’s okay. This is a journal for you to reflect on the areas you need to work on with your kids. 

The goal is to have something to write down for each one. There will be some days with more than others because of your family schedule. Try it! I guarantee you will learn a lot about yourself and your parenting strengths. 

Parenting can be very challenging. Regardless of how hard you try you’ll  make mistakes. Parenting is not perfect. By identifying and focusing on your strengths you’ll find more joy in parenting.  It will help you to interact better with your child and will reduce misunderstandings, and nurture them as best as possible.  By working towards these six strengths in parenting, you’ll become a better parent along the way. You’ll be making steps in the right direction.

Do You Know Your Parenting Strengths?

By Dr. Kim Grengs, Ed. D., Parent Coach

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