Dear Mom and Dad, About this Covid-19 thing…

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by Lisa Reichelt, Parent Coach

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A Letter from your child

Dear Mom and Dad, It is almost time for school to start again. It won’t be the same as other years. This Covid-19 stuff means we have to wear masks at school and stay away from our friends and teachers. Some kids even have to stay home and only have school on their computers. That’s called Distance Learning. This really stinks!

I’m writing this letter to tell you some things about me, cuz you’ll be my teacher a lot this year. And teachers should know things about their students.

My favorite subject is recess (I know that isn’t a subject.) But did you know I really miss my friends? We always had so much fun, especially at recess. It sure helps when I can visit with them online. Thanks for letting me have time for that.

Okay, my favorite actual subject is science. I really love doing experiments and that kind of stuff. So, if you want me to read more, I’ll read about science. Speaking of reading, I also really love it when you read to me. I even like it when you read little kids’ books (because of my little sister) they are pretty cool. I am okay at math but it isn’t my favorite. My teacher last year said that scientists need to know math, so I better work at it.

So now you know what I like. Let’s talk about how our days will go. It really helps when I know what the schedule is for the day. My teacher always had a schedule on the board at school. My friend said that at her house they make a schedule and try to get their schoolwork done in the morning and then they do other activities after lunch. I like that you have given me a space for my school stuff. I was trying to work in my bedroom last year, but it was hard to concentrate with all my stuff distracting me. Now that I have my own “office desk” I can really work better. I also really like it when I get to take “breaks.” We had that at school too, so it’s nice to do that at home.

Another thing I wanted to tell you is I like it when you look at my work and tell me I’m doing a good job. I know sometimes I make mistakes, but you help me to fix them and then I feel like I am really learning more. It’s kinda fun. Maybe you should have become a teacher.

Now I want to say some of the bad things about this Covid-19 stuff. It is getting really boring being home so much. I miss sports with my friends, going to the movies, going to restaurants and just life! My friend told me her family made an “I’m Bored” jar. In the jar are a bunch of papers with ideas for things to do. Maybe we could make one of those. Another bad thing about this Covid-19 stuff is it seems everyone is pretty stressed out right now. It’s bugging me too, but it really helps when you explain things to me and when we can have good times together. Like now we all eat meals together more. Sometimes we go on walks or to the park. It seems like we talk to each other more. It’s kinda nice.

Well, I guess that’s all I wanted to tell you, except one more thing. 2020 is a terrible year, I really hate this Distance Learning stuff. But I guess when I see you trying to do your best working from home and teaching me, I guess I can try to do my best too.

Your loving child,


Girl and Mom reading under a blanket

Note from the Coach:

When I was growing up and would get upset at the circumstances in life, my mom would gently remind me, “It could be worse.” How I hated to hear her say that. I thought she was dismissing my feelings. I knew it could be worse, but I was still miserable! As I have grown up, I often think of those words and realize that she was right, “It could be worse.” Before writing today I read a quote by Anne Frank (hiding from the Nazis in an attic for over 2 years.) Things were definitely worse for the Frank family. And yet her words have inspired many. Here is one of the quotes I like:

“Where there is hope, there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.” Let’s all have hope and live in a way that fills us with courage and strength.

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