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Strong Family Ties: 90 Days to Fix Your Parent-Teen Relationship

In just 90 days, imagine:

    • A completely new relationship with your teen.
    • Open, honest conversations together.
    • Spending time together creating long lasting memories.
    • More laughter, less stress!

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The 3 Easiest Ways to Reach Your Teen – Free Guide!

Do you miss the close relationship you had with your teen BEFORE they hit the teen years? 

Or maybe you struggle to connect and are worried that you’ll never be close! 

Good news! This free guide gives you the jump start you need to begin to make meaninful connections and get on the path to a right relationship. 

The steps are easy and the guide gives you ideas for how to work them into your daily life seamlessly! 

Don’t delay! Download this FREE guide today! 

Teen Workbook for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Are you feeling helpless or frustrated by your teenager’s emotions? Does it seem like whatever you say or do nothing helps them?

If your teen is worried for no reason, or often sad, then they need the Teen Workbook for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression.

The Teen Workbook  is made for them and helps them work through their own thoughts and feelings. They are led through many simple activities to build their confidence and find ways to cope with their emotions.

Navigating Trauma with Kids Ebook

Are you trying to understand why your child is so emotional? Are you confused by their reactions and behaviors? Your child may be reacting to trauma in their life. Kids react to trauma in many different ways.  You can identify the signs and symptoms of trauma.  Get this eBook on Navigating trauma and you’ll learn ways to support your child as they cope with their emotions. Help them feel safe, secure and happy.


I 100% recommend Champion Your Parenting to parents with kids of ALL ages.

My only regret is not having someone like her in our corner sooner to help us.


Call this group! Think “life coaches” for parents.

Sometimes if we can just learn to change the way we approach our kiddos it can be so helpful.


Lisa is a thoughtful, decisive parent with a strong background in education.

Her knowledge of child development and experience working with kids of all ages make her well-qualified to coach parents in the best methods to fit their particular circumstance.


Dr. Grengs has been an inspiration to many of us and shows us, as parents, how to prepare our kids for school and their life’s journey with patience and realizing that each child is an individual and appreciating each child’s individual qualities.


Lisa provided me with insight into my current parenting concerns along with some tools to keep with me throughout my parenting journey.

Her advice was practical and simple and has already proven to be effective.


Lisa has been a great resource for us in helping to develop and implement strategies for communicating with our young children.

She truly cares, listens to our concerns, and has given numerous ideas to help us as new parents.