Celebrate Your Child Being An Introvert

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Is shyness a good thing?

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Have you ever been told that your child was shy? Wondered why they prefer to be in small groups with a few close friends? Why are they so quiet and okay being home alone?  These are great questions for parents. It is also good for parents to know that it is okay for your child to want and do these things. Maybe they are happy just being who they are, which may be an introvert. Celebrate your child being an introvert!


It is estimated that introverts make up at least 50% of the population, but society and parents of children that are not sociable or outgoing are considered odd or not the norm. These children are misunderstood. It is time to change that thinking and appreciate the strengths of introverts. Characteristics of a child that has introvert tendencies are: spending time alone in quiet surroundings, require less stimulation, are thinkers, quieter and more reserved. 

Parents of Introverts

As parents of introverts sometimes we apologize for our child’s shyness or try to jumpstart their social life because we feel like they cannot do it. We insist on playdates and push them to join numerous clubs and groups so they can be more social. We expect them to act like extroverts because that is what society has taught us. 

appreciate unique strengths

As a parent of an introverted child it is important  to appreciate and accept their unique strengths. You need to accept that your child may prefer to have a small group of close friends verses being a social butterfly.  They may choose more solitude to hang out in large crowds. 

Celebrate your child

Plan for some one-on-one activities and quiet time. This is how they recharge. Appreciate their calmness and their ability to make more thoughtful and informed choices. They are thinkers and need time to make decisions. They may have strong social skills and enjoy socializing , but after awhile need time alone to recharge. 

Although we live in a world that exploits the benefits of being an extrovert, there are so many wonderful traits of being an introvert. Let’s make sure to show our children how much we appreciate their strengths. Celebrate your child being an introvert.

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Happy just being you!

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By Dr. Kim Grengs, Ed.D., Parent Coach

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