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Having trouble focusing?   Or

controlling your emotions?

Imagine your child becoming frustrated, spiraling out of control. 

But then they stop, do 15 jumping jacks and complete 3 breathing exercises, and return calmly to their activity.   

What if they could stay focused on their homework without crying, or finding excuses to avoid it?  

Brain Breaks helps your child calm themselves, so they can refocus and get things done!

You can make these breaks part of your child’s schedule and routine.  And they can be INDEPENDENT with them too.

It is painful to watch your child in tears or yelling because they are just so upset.  

Here is the key to helping them find ways to calm down, refocus and be happy.

Get your copy of Brain Breaks now. 

Brain Breaks includes:

  • Parent Manual, including the how, why, and what
  • 4 short instructional videos
  • Brain Break cards for Adults & Kids
  • Printable Schedules to help your child be independent!

Brain Breaks – $27  TODAY – $17


Don’t let your child struggle any longer.  Grab it now!