Who is Champion Your Parenting?

You’re tired, overwhelmed

and just don’t know what to do!

We have helped hundreds of parents find ways to calm an anxious child, get their teens to start talking to them, and to partner with schools when their kids need support.

If you want to raise healthy, confident kids, be a confident, calm parent. Our mission is to help you raise happy kids, who love to spend time with you.

Meet the Coaches

Lisa Edwards

I’m Lisa, a parent coach who works with parents to find the humor in their parenting, gain confidence and realize they aren’t perfect…because kids love you when you aren’t!

I’ve been in education for over 20 years and I’ve worked with hundreds of parents.  The best praise I’ve gotten is that I make people feel comfortable and that they can tell me anything.

You can’t parent alone.  It takes a village and I am here for you.  We should be having fun with our kids, even when they struggle with big things like depression and anxiety.  Helping parents feel excited about parenting makes me so proud, and drives everything I do!

When I’m not helping sensational parents like you, I can be found walking my dog Daisy, watching Teen Rom Com movies, or annoying my two teenagers with Forced Family Fun.

Want to learn more about how we can work together?

Have a fabulous day and keep smiling!

Lisa Reichelt

I’m Lisa, a parent coach and passionate advocate for healthy families. From the time I was a young girl, I always wanted a big family. I wanted to be a mom. Maybe, because I came from a family of 8 kids, this was a natural desire.

So fast forward a few years, now my husband and I have five kids and ten grandkids. My dream came true!

Yes, I love my life, my family and parenting. There’s no more important job you’ll have than being someone’s parent. But parenting doesn’t come naturally and can be frustrating.

I believe that there is no “one right way” to parent. Each family needs to figure out what fits their personalities, their strengths and their situations. That’s what I love about being a Parent Coach. We get to dive into learning about families. Find out what makes them tick, help them to see their strengths. And to use those strengths to become awesome parents.

In my 40 years working with families, I can truly say, “I’ve seen it all.” And I believe parents deserve to have practical, easy to understand solutions for the problems they face. Parenting is too important to “go it alone.” Let’s work together on raising healthy, confident kids.

Would you like to work with me on becoming a Champion Parent? 

I can’t wait to meet you!

Dr. Kim Grengs

I’m Kim, a parent coach who loves working with parents to find joy in parenting, to reassure them that mistakes are normal, and to help them navigate the school environment.

Supporting parents has been something I have enjoyed for 30 years. I’m a good listener and I really enjoy talking with parents.

Kids are experiencing big emotions at home and at school these days. I help parents provide their children with the tools needed to be successful in life.

You deserve to have a parent coach that listens to you without judgment. My goal is to support you so that there is consistency at home and school.

When I am not coaching parents like you, I can be found reading or spending time with my adult children and my Golden Doodle, Dottie.

I am here for you! 


I 100% recommend Champion Your Parenting to parents with kids of ALL ages.

My only regret is not having someone like her in our corner sooner to help us.


Call this group! Think “life coaches” for parents.

Sometimes if we can just learn to change the way we approach our kiddos it can be so helpful.


Lisa is a thoughtful, decisive parent with a strong background in education.

Her knowledge of child development and experience working with kids of all ages make her well-qualified to coach parents in the best methods to fit their particular circumstance.


Dr. Grengs has been an inspiration to many of us and shows us, as parents, how to prepare our kids for school and their life’s journey with patience and realizing that each child is an individual and appreciating each child’s individual qualities.


Lisa provided me with insight into my current parenting concerns along with some tools to keep with me throughout my parenting journey.

Her advice was practical and simple and has already proven to be effective.


Lisa has been a great resource for us in helping to develop and implement strategies for communicating with our young children.

She truly cares, listens to our concerns, and has given numerous ideas to help us as new parents.