A Book Review: 21st Century Parenting

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by Dr. Kim Grengs, Ed.D., Parent Coach

A book that I highly recommend is 21st Century Parenting: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Resilient Children in an Unstable World by Rick Capaldi, PhD. Reading is my way of staying regulated or my sense of calm. So in saying that…I am an avid reader and love learning new and better ways to support students and parents. I’m the kind of reader that has post it notes and lots of written notes all over inside the book. The better the book the more post it notes and writing all over the inside. 

There are many key takeaways that involve ways or strategies to provide for parents when they are supporting their child. I love how he says it like it is…meaning there is no Parent App to upload …You are the Parent App in your family. “There’s no substitute for moms and dads doing their jobs.” That being said I believe it takes a village to raise a child so why not use the resources available to make being a parent the best it can be and fun!

A Few Highlights:

The beginning starts out with letting us know that as parents we are the most significant and influential person in a child’s life. So true right! So now what? Dr. Capaldi continues the next chapters by providing information on the importance of paying attention and knowing your child’s environment. He includes strategies in teaching your child how to regulate their emotions, which will help them throughout life.

21st Century Parenting In School:

Dr. Capaldi stresses the importance of when your child is in school you are in school too. Readiness training is a commitment from you. The 4 main areas to focus on in setting your child up for success in school are:

  • Getting started
  • Partnerships
  • Organization
  • Homework

If you focus on these four areas your family’s school experience will be positive. This doesn’t mean you will always agree, but you will have built the relationships needed to have an open line of communication to resolve any issues that arise. Successful partnerships with the teacher starts with you. By taking an active role in school the entire family will have success in school. 

Other topics discussed FOR SCHOOL


Organization of materials

Questions to use when meeting with the teacher 

A checklist with objectives to use in preparing your child for school.

Other important Topics:

Dr. Capaldi also talks about  bully proofing your child, the use of technology and the importance of making time for your child. 

Overall, as parents we want to partner with experts to support our child’s development, safety and success. I highly recommend this book. It’s an easy read and easy to follow. There were many takeaways and points to utilize immediately.

Happy Reading!

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21st Century Parenting
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