15 Amazing Apps For Anxiety, Stress and Mindfulness

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Family, Learning, Mental Health, Technology

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In recent years, there’s been a surge in apps designed to support mental health. Many of these apps offer tools for managing anxiety, stress and mindfulness. We’ll explore age-appropriate therapeutic apps that empower anxious children with coping mechanisms and emotional regulation strategies. Yes, that’s right, apps for anxiety and stress!  

Keep in mind that the offerings of mental health apps continually evolve, and new apps continue to be developed.  Also, the effectiveness of these apps varies from person to person, so it’s essential to consider individual needs and preferences. Here are some apps that are known for their focus on stress and mental health for children and teenagers.

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Smiling Mind – Smiling Mind is an app that offers mindfulness meditation programs specifically designed for different age groups, including children and teenagers. It reduces stress, improves focus and enhances overall well-being through guided meditation exercises.

Headspace for Kids – Headspace for kids provides guided meditations and mindfulness exercises tailored for children. It helps kids develop skills for managing stress, improving focus and promoting a sense of calm. The app uses animations and engaging content to make mindfulness practices accessible and enjoyable for young users.

MoodMission – MoodMission is an app that provides personalized mental health challenges based on the user’s current mood. It helps children and teens develop coping skills and strategies to manage stress and improve their emotional well being.

DreamyKid Meditation App for Kids – This app is a collection of guided imagery and relaxation exercises tailored for children.  It helps kids unwind, manage stress and improve sleep.


Calm – Calm is a popular meditation app that includes content for users of all ages.  It offers guided meditations, sleep stories and relaxation exercise suitable for kids and teens.  The app reduces anxiety, improves sleep, and enhances overall mental well-being.

WorryTime – WorryTime is an app designed to help children and teens manage anxiety.  IT allows users to schedule “worry time” during the day, helping them contain and address their worries in a structured way.

MindShift CBT – MindShift CBT is an app that employs cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to help users manage anxiety.  It provides tools for challenging and changing anxious thoughts as well as relaxation techniques.

Breathwrk – Breathwrk teaches kids and teens various breathing exercises to reduce stress and anxiety.  The app guides through different breathing techniques to promote relaxation.


Positive Penguins – Positive Penguins is geared toward younger children. It teaches emotional regulation through stories and activities and helps kids understand and manage their emotions.

Mindfulness for Children – This app provides guided meditations and mindfulness exercises designed specifically for children.  It introduces mindfulness in a child-friendly and accessible manner.

Flowly – Flowly is a relaxing game that encourages deep breathing and mindfulness. It’s suitable for children and teens, and promotes stress relief through a calming and interactive experience.

Mindful Powers – Mindful Powers is an interactive app designed for children that introduces mindfulness through engaging characters and activities. It help kids learn to manage stress and build emotional resilience.



Breath, Think Do with Sesame – This app, developed by Sesame Street, helps young children learn self-regulation skills. It uses familiar characters to teach problem-solving and coping strategies

SuperBetter – SuperBetter is an app designed to help individuals, including kids and teens, build resilience and overcome challenges.  It uses a game-like format to encourage users to set goals,  develop positive habits, and connect with others for social support.

GoNoodle – GoNoodle is primarily designed for physical activity and includes mindfulness and relaxation exercises suitable for children. It promotes healthy balance between movement and relaxation.

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When considering using any mental health app, it’s crucial to ensure that the content is evidence-based, age-appropriate, and aligns with individual needs.  Also, consulting with mental health professionals is recommended, especially for more severe or persistent mental health concerns.  Always check for updates and user reviews to ensure the app’s current relevance and effectiveness.

15 Amazing Apps For Anxiety, Stress and Mindfulness

By Lisa Edwards, M. Ed., Parent Coach

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